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SEXY is an ERC20 token that has been created on the Ethereum blockchain and is aimed at providing users with a unique way of expressing their views to other people, businesses & projects. 

Did you know the top 10 Ethereum owners also hold Sexy?  

With the growing popularity of Ethereum, more people are using the network. We picture a future where you can let any person around the world know just how sexy they are. This can help spread a positive message, as well as create a new style of networking. tipping or voting within related industries.
Send SEXY to any Ethereum wallet.

Let anyone around the world know how sexy they are.


Imagine tipping your favourite entertainer and letting them know how SEXY they are? This not only spreads the word about our community, but also increases awareness for the crypto currency industry in general. 

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Safe & Convenient

Being an ERC20 token, SEXY can be stored in any ethereum wallets such as MyEtherWallet.

Fixed Supply

The total supply is 69,000,000 tokens.

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Building A Sexy Community

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69,000,000 Tokens

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